The future re-purposed.

My installations consist of habitual materials, playfully responding to the specific characteristics of a given architectural site – dynamically activating the viewer’s relationship to it, and striving toward absolute clarity. This ideal is combined with the Japanese notion of ‘mono no aware’ or ‘the pathos of things’ . My process includes salvaging, reshaping and reconsidering objects as poetic encounters; re-imagined fragmented materials, collected and retrieved, from Sydney Cove and the Seto Inland Sea, in Japan, where I also work. Conceived as a gathering of various vessels, or patterned documents, displayed in a contemplative array of bodily islands (islands within islands). Islands reflect our own individual condition and they act as a contemplative structure, reflecting an awareness into meditative processes. I consider what we acquire over time, the metaphorical acts of searching, excavating and unearthing. All is represented as reconstructed, re-purposed future relics. Morgan Veness is a Sydney based artist with an MFA from UNSW College of Art and Design.  

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