A Retrieve, Retreat into the World of Repair 2019 – ongoing

Retrieve, Retreat into the World of Repair

As a material anthropologist I document, gather, order and consider the poetic encounter presented in the accumulative matter of life. Collated objects, images and cultural artefacts are organised and reimagined as fragmented materials. These are collected and retrieved from urban streets and alley ways of Sydney Cove, as well as, the Seto Inland Sea in Japan where I also live. Objects are organised to consider the rhythmical narrative, located in the local and foreign re-positioned constructs, and to contemplate ‘things’ as they are; there is no final conclusion.

The original vessels, shattered and scattered themselves into space. This event is known in the Lurianic texts as “shevirat ha-qelim,” or the “breaking of the vessels.” In the wake of this event, the light that had been contained within them returned to their divine source, while the remainder fell as broken shards. From these shards the powers of the qelipot, that is, “husks” or “shells” were produced. These broken shards signify the material world and what can be collected, amassed and clustered in response to the specific characteristics of our material condition. Just as, all things return to olam ha-tikkun, literally “the world of repair,” a world restored to its perfect status.

My work is conceived as a gathering of the various vessels, containing physical documents, and displayed as a contemplative array of bodily islands (islands within islands). A contemplative structure speaks of an awareness into the processes of acquiring, through the metaphorical acts of excavating and unearthing, as well as, acts of reconstruction. This process also examines the Japanese notion of ‘mono no aware’ or ‘the pathos of things’.