Boom, Boom, Treasure Hunters 2011

Boom, Boom, Treasure Hunters, a series documenting the preponderance of abandoned boats, forlorn vessels, orphaned vehicles, and stranded objects that were found – and often illegally dumped – throughout Tokyo harbour, Nagoya suburbs and the beaches of Chiba, Japan. These were places I lived in for nearly 10 years and I new it a little, there was always more to be discovered.

Boom, Boom, Treasure Hunters are the keeper of memories. They are the outcome of a search for the spoils from the wreckage of forms that appear all around us. Collecting them into a whole.

One day the beach belched up a wooden ship. There are tales of strange objects lodged in the sea bed. Vessels suddenly vulnerable, pounded by waves. If a ship breaks anchor or if it cannot sail out of the bay, it will end up dashed on the rocks or beached.

The intriguing forms of industrial, derelict, cramped and rusted objects appear as a collective form. Just as nobody expects to chance on a wreck, a warship graveyard or abandoned ships. Like a deep-sea creature, I search for things, as they disappear, leaving only bubbles popping on the surface. In the tombs of the deep – every broken bit of ceramic, metal hook, chain link and every plank of timber is important, all these objects are mine.